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Why settle for less when you can move into the best of your potential?

Six Steps to your Potential Cover

Six Steps to Your Potential

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Six Steps to your Potential Cover

Born Amish

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Finding your best path through life can be challenging. We’ve helped many people discover their potential, and we can help you find yours!

Here’s what others have said:

“Your book made my family think about our potential, because of questions throughout the book that trigger the mind. The 6 steps in the workbook organized our thinking so that we could quickly come up with a goal or two we really want to accomplish. It was also helpful to know that we can change our mind about our goals since they’re not set in stone…and that it’s good to play, be wildly creative, do fun things, or just relax sometimes.” A family's experience
“I’ve always felt that I knew myself really well but after working with you I feel like I understand myself better, and what I want.”College student, Jr. year

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor, Ed.D

Dr. Taylor grew up Amish on a rural farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She was the first in her family to attend college; she also earned her doctorate degree in adult education. She has spent much of her time specializing in helping others find their potential by identifying their life’s passions. Read More about Ann

Born Amish Book Cover

For anyone curious about the amish way…

Born Amish is a true story about Dr. Ann Stoltzfus Taylor’s memories of life as a little Amish girl, whose world shifted one fateful day in the spring of 1954. When the author was fourteen years old, the bishop—known as Uncle Dan—abruptly ex-communicated her father, grandfather, and others during a heated discussion over a friend’s growing manufacturing business. Read more…